Mytholmroyd Rail Station

Following the huge success of the first inter-city railway in the world – the Liverpool to Manchester in 1830, other promoters became interested in a trans-Pennine line between Manchester and Leeds. With the upturn in economic activity in 1831, an application to build a line was made but opposition from the Rochdale Canal delayed the Royal Assent until 1837. The line from Normanton to Hebden Bridge was opened in 1840 with a station at Luddendenfoot – but not at Mytholmroyd until 1847, when the station opened to serve the growing population and industrial development.

Until the 1980s millions of day-old chicks were despatched by rail from the hatcheries of Thornbers of Mytholmroyd. The original station area on and adjacent to the viaduct was closed in the mid-1980s and a replaced by a simple structure with basic waiting shelters. This was modernised in 2006 when the local residents and businesses agreed to ‘adopt’ their village railway station with the support of Northern Rail. The local volunteers collectively contribute over 1,000 hours’ work a year towards making ‘their’ station an attractive and award-winning amenity admired by visitors, residents and the many thousands of passing train passengers and staff. There has been a 40% increase in passengers using our attractive village station since it was adopted by the Mytholmroyd Station Partnership.

Train service

Over 150,000 passengers use the station each year – with commuters to the major centres and the growing number of inbound travellers working at the business parks in the area. At the peak of the textile industrial activity in 1910 there were 29 trains stopping at Mytholmroyd on a weekday. The May 2014 timetable has 70 trains stopping here.

The general stopping pattern from Mytholmroyd to the main cities of Leeds and Manchester (Victoria) are two trains per hour.

There are extra trains to Leeds during the morning peak then for most of the day one train per hour goes to Leeds via Halifax and Bradford, and one train per hour goes via Brighouse and Dewsbury.

The Train Operating Company (Northern Rail) has been very supportive towards suggestions from the Station Partnership with regard to service improvements. Since starting in 2006, there have been a number of additional stops introduced for Mytholmroyd passengers.

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To plan your journey you may also be interested in the Northern Rail mobile app, which you can download here to your Apple or Android device

Station Building

0305 eighty-1Disused since the 1980s, the building of 1871 contains a stone staircase which is Listed Grade II. Various projects have been proposed, but have not proceeded beyond the planning stage. The current (May 2014) plan, initiated by local volunteers, is for the building to be converted into art studios and start-up units – with the ground floor for community ventures. Network Rail the owners are supportive of this project, but, as they do not envisage any future use of the building by the rail industry, they are in no position to contribute to the considerable capital cost of renovation. Any project has to be able to generate sufficient revenue to cover the estimated annual building costs – £10k at 2012 prices. The local volunteers are awaiting a Report from the latest survey – which is known to refer to the unsafe structure – but hopes are high that a local amenity can be created and run by local people.

Station Car Park

There are no official car parking spaces. Whenever the owners, Network Rail, do not require use of their access road, cars park there. Currently (May 2014) there are plans for a 94 space car park in the former goods yard – this is undergoing a feasibility study.

Station Partnership

Volunteers from the local community spend over 1,000 hours each year making the village railway station an attractive gateway to the area – why not join us?

49 myt 0707 garden-0010431-130256-1Mytholmroyd Station Partnership is open to anyone who is interested in improving the village station and surrounding area. It is a friendly group with the chance to make new friends during the various meetings during the year. Monthly Station Planning Meeting – second Tuesday of the month at the Good Shepherd Centre at 19.30hrs (except August). We normally do not spend time discussing trains and services at our meetings. We meet the station users whilst we are working on the various improvements and during the periodic Passenger Counts and Train Surveys. Where appropriate, we convey the views of station users to the railway management. Whenever possible Northern Rail has responded positively and as a consequence, Mytholmroyd now has some extra services that have benefited commuters both travelling from and to the village each day. We have earned the respect of the professionals; which we reciprocate; we are considered their critical friends.

Station gardening – Second Tuesdays at 13.30hrs for one hour then during summer we have the fourth Saturday at 10.00hrs No need to know anything about railways or gardening – but it would help us if you know whether a plant is a weed (or not) – saves us hours of debate!

The Station Partnership is mainly a community group and has excellent relationships with the local schools and organisations; many of whom have sponsored the colourful artworks that enhance the area around the station. We shall continue with this promotion of the station and for better amenities and train services – so why not come and join us and help with this successful venture? It costs nowt and can be fun

For further details – contact Sue or Geoff Mitchell on (01422) 885154 or email
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