Royd Regeneration Minutes November 2017




Meeting chaired by Austen Warne

Minutes recorded by Hazel Scriven

35 Attendees

7 Apologies

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting, and explained the format of the agenda would be moved around to accommodate speakers.


Adrian gave a very interesting talk on the work they are carrying out at present and future aims.  Their main focus has been on installing leaky dams at Hardcastle Crags, which is a pilot project to try and slow the flow of rain water that finds its way into the valley bottom.  The National Trust have been extremely supportive.  They are now using time-lapse cameras and are fairly confident they can reduce the flow by 25-50%.  Their AGM is in April and hope to have some results by then which will be published.  Media interest has been received from Look North and Radio Leeds.

Their next volunteer day is Sunday 10 December.  Meet at the bottom car park at Hardcastle Crags at 9.15am with suitable warm clothing.

He asked people to contact him if they are aware of any other areas that would suit attenuation ponds.

Also mentioned the Flood Aware app available for Smartphones.

The full presentation will be distributed with the minutes.

Q&As followed.


Current Activities:  Internally they have submitted their final business phase for financial information and reporting which goes to their Board for approval, and are in final negotiations with the supplier for the design phase contract.  Meetings took place last week with residents on New Road and Burnley Road who will be affected by this scheme.

A supplier engagement day took place today, run in conjunction with VBA.  As more than 50% of the contract value will be sub-contracted they are keen to get local suppliers involved.  There is also the opportunity for people with businesses to help with the project.  Careers advisers were also present and he commented it would be good to see young people getting involved.

Planning Applications:  Applications have been submitted for White Lee Clough (watercourse on Midgley Road); canal overflow at Brearley Field; Cragg Brook upstream of the viaduct (Phase 2) and Cragg Brook confluence with the River Calder and Caldene Avenue bridge.  Decisions had been expected but all the applications have been affected by an objection that has been lodged.

Plans to be submitted:  An application will be going in for widening at the church. Greenhills – Two options:  1) Stay with the current arrangement but raise walls in that location.  2) The ideal solution would be to undertake widening there. Looking at means to provide additional funds and working with Vale to relocate.  The cut-off point is around April 2018 and once a decision has been made the planning application will be submitted.

Burnley Road – wall running from Caldene Avenue bridge up to White Houses:  A landscape group was formed from the stakeholder group, with active involvement from residents who look out on to this section of wall, to identify feasible options for the finishes and two have been identified from survey results following the three-day consultation in November 2016.  Next week two finishes will be put to a public vote.  Sample panel under construction in the community centre car park.

Voting slips will be delivered to all houses in Mytholmroyd by the end of the week with voting taking place between 4 and 10 December.  Voting boxes will be available in the Community Centre and Post Office.  Consultation team on hand in the centre between 3pm and 8pm on Monday 4th, Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th to answer any questions.


Flood Information Centre:  This has now been removed due to decreased attendance and being no longer financially viable.  Instead two surgeries a week will be held in the community centre on Tuesdays from 12 noon to 3pm and Fridays 9am to 12noon where there will be someone in attendance to deal with any queries.

Target Programme:  Slipped a little for various reasons.

Business case approval:  Report submitted.  Been working closely with the approval board and hope this comes through next month.  This will enable them to award a contract which is expected to be in the second week of January with a view to construction starting in February 2018.  An open day is being proposed when the community will have the opportunity to learn more about how it will affect individuals in different parts of the village.  Building period will end early 2019.  Some good progress should be seen in the New Year.

Although a design build programme is in place they have accelerated some of the detailed design work for Caldene Bridge.

Q&As followed.

The Chairman thanked Peter for his presentation.


a)  Mytholmroyd Masterplan – Dr Lindsay Smales

Dr Smales is the consultant working with town councillors and others on the Hebden Royd and Hilltop Parishes Neighbourhood Plan.

Background:  On 28 October a workshop-style consultation was held in Mytholmroyd Community Centre when around 40 people attended.  Also present were AECOM, the consultants charged with specifically working towards creating a Masterplan for our community, and was a very useful exercise.

The verbatim findings from the community were displayed at our meeting and will also be posted on the Hebden Royd and Hilltop Parishes Neighbourhood Plan website.  Paper copies were also available.  He added these results will form the foundation for moving forward with the Masterplan.

They aim to have a draft Neighbourhood Plan available by early spring.  A statutory six-week consultation will take place, and everyone will have access to either a paper copy with pro- forma or the website.  It will be distributed to Post Offices, libraries, health centres etc and input from the community will be required to give feedback on the document.

It was originally intended to have a referendum to coincide with the May elections as registered voters have to agree to adopt a Neighbourhood Plan.  However, the Local Plan, which has to synchronise with the Neighbourhood Plan, has become a hot potato, and could be delayed until September.

He explained the Local Plan is the strategic overview for the whole of Calderdale, whereas the Hebden Royd and Hill Top Parishes Neighbourhood Plan focuses on Hebden Bridge, Mytholmroyd, hilltop villages and the green spaces that connect it all together.

He voiced concerns about the station car park and resulting traffic at peak periods as the only access will be on New Road.  It has been suggested it may be possible to put a new bridge across the river, leading across the tennis courts and into the car park.

Q&As followed.

Dr Smales will be invited to our AGM in January.



a) Notice of Any Other Business:  The Chairman reminded everyone that items for AOB must be with the Secretary 48 hours before our meetings.  As from the New Year he will not include any items submitted late.

b) Mytholmroyd Co-op (received from Chris Beebe, Planning Manager): Currently discharging the planning conditions which relate to flooding/drainage which are challenging due to the site being flooded.  Hope to agree these in the next few weeks so they can press on.  Very conscious that the closure of the fuel part of the site will be inconvenient to many and hope to get on with the works as soon as possible.  Chris will be invited to our AGM in January.

c) Russell Dean’s (received from Jonathan Stoker, Joint Managing Director) The build is just about on schedule and still on target for an Easter opening – weather permitting!  Recruitment for staff will start in the New Year and details of how people can apply for positions will be forwarded to Royd Regeneration.

d) Outdoor Cinema Event Update (Geoff Wood):  A grant was received from Calderdale for this event which was scheduled to take place in July but was postponed due to bad weather.  It went ahead on White Lee Rec on 16 September when La La Land was screened.  Turnout was good on a bitterly cold night with around 150 people attending and enjoying the whole evening free of charge.  He added we would like to do this again if funding can be found.

The minutes recorded on 11 September 2017 were circulated and agreed to be a true and accurate record.  Proposed:  SP.  Seconded:  JS.


The Chairman congratulated Stephne Harrison on being elected as Town Councillor for Caldene Ward.

Sue Slater was pleased to report it had been another successful year for the business team with sustained turnout at meetings.  By holding meetings at the community centre she hopes they have promoted interest within the business community to hold events there, as well as the use of facilities with regard to health and fitness in the workplace.

Quarterly meetings will be held next year with newsletter updates in between.  They now have 191 members on their contacts list.

Currently looking at fundraising opportunities in order to develop a business network website and digital map for local businesses.

Also been working with other local business networks in collaboration to improve opportunities for long-term sustainability; to increase effective lobbying to support local businesses and investment throughout the Calder Valley, and to hold joint Calder Valley events.

A meeting took place in October with Fiona Thurlbeck, Head of Business and Skills at Calderdale, where they presented a snapshot questionnaire sent to businesses relating to the impact of ongoing flood defence works.

This year saw the introduction of the Festive Fandango scheme in Mytholmroyd which helps to promote trade in the village.

The next Business Breakfast/Networking event will take place on 16 January 2018 when the Environment Agency will update on developments planned for the coming year.  Royd Regeneration members are encouraged to attend these meetings to demonstrate support for local businesses.

The Chairman congratulated the group on another successful year.



The Secretary was delighted to report that this year’s Christmas Market and lights switch on event was the busiest ever.  It was the second year Royd Regeneration and Hebden Royd Town Council had worked in partnership, and she gave huge thanks to Emma Green for all her hard work and support in making the event such a success.

In excess of 45 stalls were booked.  There were 15 people on a waiting list with enquiries still coming in the day before the event.  She gave sincere thanks to the many local stallholders for their support;  Mytholmroyd Co-op for donating mince pies and mulled wine which visitors enjoyed free of charge,  and Sainsbury’s for their donation which helped buy gifts for Santa to distribute.

She also thanked the wonderful volunteers who gave up their time to help out on the Friday and Saturday, and to everyone who came along and made it an amazing day.

In the days following many kind messages of thanks were received from stallholders and visitors, who said what a great community event it had been with a lovely atmosphere.

Although there were one or two problems on the day they were eventually resolved.

The Chairman also expressed his thanks to everyone who helped in making the day such a success.

7 BREARLEY FIELD CONSULTATION – Anne Holdsworth, Environmental Projects Officer (CMBC)

Large-scale funding applications have been submitted for this project.  Unsuccessful with Heritage Lottery Fund, but have been successful in getting through the first stage of the European funding bid and have been invited to submit a full proposal in January.  This is part of a much wider bid, and they are looking at a number of environmental improvement projects throughout Calderdale based on improving biodiversity and creating habitats.

Working with other partners such as the Environment Agency and Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.  The council have commissioned Pennine Prospects who are working with Wetland Engineering to draw up some plans, and she gave a presentation showing how things could look.

Carried out a consultation at the Christmas Market and approximately 100 questionnaires were returned with many positive comments.  The general feeling is that Brearley field is a wasted resource and could be much better employed for the good of the community and wildlife.

Also working with students at Calder High on this consultation which will be ongoing until the end of December.  Forms were available on the night and have also been placed in Mytholmroyd library, the doctors’ surgery and it can also be completed online.

An area has been set aside for footballers in the overall scheme.  The clubs would like more provision and are asking for a lot more space than originally thought, ie half the field.

Q&As followed.

Two attendees from Hebden Bridge Saints were present and a discussion took place in the room.

Bus Stop:  The Highways team at Calderdale are looking at making improvements to the main road through Mytholmroyd, particularly bus provision and how to improve things for pedestrians.  One of the items being looked at is bus stops and their locations, particularly the one outside the Dusty Miller, and she asked for feedback on how people would feel if it was moved to Russell Dean’s.  She stressed this was not a proposal.  Opinions were put forward on the night.

She confirmed a public consultation would take place before any decision was made.



a) Mytholmroyd Station Building

b) Mytholmroyd Community Centre:  Will be reported on at the next meeting

Two teams of consultants have been working in parallel on the Station Building and Community Centre.  Network Rail has obtained Listed Building consent to undertake repair of the shell of the building which will include reinstatement of original historic features, primarily the Grade II listed staircase in the centre of the building.  The internal layout will have to match.

There is approximately 970 sq ft that can be occupied.  Arriva Rail North will be contributing a substantial proportion of the internal refurbishment.

A feasibility study has been commissioned to establish what the needs and aspirations of the community are, and what would work financially within the internal space which will primarily be over two floors.  There is a possibility Northern Rail may want to use the third floor for drivers and staff but this is not yet confirmed.

They will now be focusing on potential use of the building.  Some of the most favoured among the consultees and stakeholders are:  Crafts, artisan food making, outdoor hub for cyclists/ walkers, restaurant/café with a focus on local food that would not displace existing businesses, adult education, art studios/community gallery.  Small office and retail spaces considered but discounted.

The emphasis will now be on creating a Business Plan by establishing which are the most viable.  They are thinking along the lines of mixed economy with a series of activities.

A detailed search into the evolution of the station has been undertaken with much background work also being carried out.

An update will be given on the next stage in due course.


A full report will be given at the AGM.


Gillian Tolley – Proposal to set up a campsite in Mytholmroyd (tent only):  Looking to set up a small campsite in the centre of the village for tents and glamping only (no touring caravans) that would cater for less-abled children and adults.  Her research has shown that nothing like this exists in the Upper Calder Valley.  Would like to provide facilities for them to holiday with their families and feels Mytholmroyd offers the right environment.

No permanent buildings on-site and will only open ten months a year.  State-of-the-art toilets and shower blocks will be removed at the end of the season.  Small children’s playground with outdoor equipment for less-abled children would be a permanent fixture.

Gillian and her business partner have some funds available but would be looking for another investor.  They feel the site would be an asset and help create increased turnover for local businesses.

She asked for peoples’ thoughts and the concept was warmly received.

The Chairman suggested Gillian visits the next Business Breakfast to gauge their opinion.  He wished her the best of luck and asked her to return and update us.

Letter received from Tony Milroy:  The Chairman apologised for not having had the chance to read his e-mail in advance of the meeting and time did not allow for it to be read out.


In conclusion the Chairman reported the next meeting will be our AGM in January when all officers will have to stand for re-election.  He asked people to consider joining Royd Regeneration as we are looking to grow our committee.  Please drop the Secretary a line if you would like an informal chat –

He thanked everyone for their attendance and continued support.

Date of next meeting:  January 2018 (date to be confirmed)


Royd RegenerationRoyd Regeneration Minutes November 2017

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