Royd Regeneration Minutes September 2017




Meeting chaired by Ian Bairstow

Minutes recorded by Hazel Scriven

 33 Attendees

7 Apologies

The Vice Chairman explained the changes to Any Other Business. These will no longer be accepted on the night and have to be notified to the Secretary by noon the day before. Three items were received:

Jane O’Neill: Concerns about the proposed industrial development at Top Lands.

Anthony Milroy:  Outline of letter to Chief Executive, Calderdale Council

Mark Pullen (Bricks4kidz):  Mark has organised a family friendly Lego brick show for the Calder Valley community at Mytholmroyd Community Centre on Sunday 4 February 2018.  There will be displays and trader stalls, with local community groups invited to have an information stand and a joint fundraising opportunity.  All surplus monies will be given to the community centre.


Main points from presentation:

Peter explained pre-election restrictions were in place when he presented at the last meeting, and as they were also in the process of going through a review and arranging budgetary requirements for the project dialogue was limited.

He was pleased to report Calderdale’s Flood Resilience Programme Board approved funding for the Mytholmroyd Flood Alleviation Scheme on 25 July which now allows them to proceed, and enables them to communicate more actively with local groups, stakeholder groups and residents.  Now starting with planning applications, a number of which have already been submitted.

Canal works:  Downstream of Hebden Bridge, close to Mayroyd Bridge:  Structure obstructing river flow to be removed and small embankment to be put in.

Canal towpath:  Canal & River Trust have been raising the towpath at the rear of Burnley Road School.  Will be checking to see if this is high enough.

Canal adjacent to Brearley Fields:  Overflow structure will be installed to take excess flow from the canal down to the river.

Surface Water:  Clearing out and continual inspection of the culvert at White Lee Clough, Midgley Road (adjacent to Russell Dean’s).  Also surface water works to be carried out on Burnley Road in the vicinity of the petrol station to the existing pumping station adjacent to the Russell Dean development.

River flooding:  Protection works will be undertaken at Luddendenfoot and Brearley.  Channel widening will take place at St Michael’s Church and Caldene Avenue area adjacent to the community centre.

Wall raising:  Burnley Road upstream of New Road bridge, White Houses and Cragg Brook upstream of the viaduct.

New Walls:  These will be put in at Streamside Fold, part of Caldene Avenue and Scarbottom Cottages.

Flood Proofing:  Existing buildings to be made waterproof and resistant to high water levels will be incorporated within current defences.  Flood proofing work is taking place on the terrace houses on New Road, Burnley Road and Hawksclough Terrace.

Proposal to put a temporary flood defence wall at Greenhill to protect existing factory units.  The long-term aspiration is to widen at Vale and relocate them, but this is not possible at the moment until further funds and a suitable location have been found.

Traffic Management:  The EA have been working with the service providers to disconnect services from the buildings which has taken longer than anticipated.  Now completed and certificates received.  Shifts have increased and weekend working has been in operation which will bring the overall closure period down.

Buildings are now completely demolished and a concrete slab was put in this morning.  Lego-block walls will be installed as temporary flood defences until the final walls are in situ.  Traffic management will then be removed.

Unfortunately Yorkshire Water have an application in for a lane closure shortly after the EA finish to locate the water main.

Once construction starts a lane closure along Burnley Road will be unavoidable but they will endeavour to minimise the effect of this.  He stressed that if anyone has any concerns about any of the construction works please let them know and they will try to accommodate concerns.

Current Activities:  Planning applications are currently being submitted as follows:

Beginning of September:  Area upstream of New Road bridge covering Bridge End, along Cragg Brook, Streamside Fold and up to the viaduct.

8 September:  Canal overflow at Brearley.

11 September:  Application should have gone in for work on White Lee Clough.

Plans can be viewed on Calderdale’s planning portal and also at the Flood Information Centre at the Community Centre.  Paper copies and all supporting documents can be viewed there.

Re-establishing communication:  Actively trying to do this with community groups and residents.

Finalising target cost negotiations with the EA’s supplier prior to awarding them a contract.  Once this is agreed construction work will progress.

Some construction work has commenced along Cragg Brook upstream of the viaduct where old tree stumps have been removed and walls rebuilt.  A wall is also being built on the Shoulder of Mutton side.  It is hoped by the time planning permission is received they will be able to continue with construction of the flood defences in this location and people will start to see a real difference.

Target programme:  Hopefully target costs will be completed this month with business case approval in October.  Should then be in a position to award a contract to the supplier for the detailed design and build in areas where they can start fairly quickly, with construction starting in November/December.

Consultation:  A one-day drop in is being proposed for November/December where people can ask specifically about how the works will affect them.  Programmes will be displayed.  Reassured people there will be ongoing engagement with the community and the project team will be happy to answer any questions.

Construction period:  Currently looking at a 91-week period which could be subject to change.

Q&As followed.

The Vice Chairman thanked Peter for attending the meeting.


Tony has written to the Chief Executive at Calderdale Council outlining why he and the UCVFPG consider the EA’s proposals for Mytholmroyd and Hebden Bridge to be questionable.  They believe there are essential elements that need to be included such as action to eliminate the Moderna and Brearley bridge weir, Calder River pinch points and a return to dredging of the main river confluence and Elphin/Hebden Water tributary.

He also believes there are continuing inadequacies and absence of due process of the proposed Mytholmroyd and Hebden Bridge Flood works that have recently been waived through the Flood Management Board without proper scrutiny.  They are now formally requesting a freeze on the process of finalising and approving the planning application for all the current proposed investments, until the group’s submissions and concerns have been properly considered and discussed in a proper forum.

A documentary has been produced by the group entitled ‘Give Us Back Our Catchment’ which can be viewed on You Tube.  This is based on archive footage, mobile phone footage and eyewitness accounts from Mytholmroyd and Hebden Bridge.

A 15-minute short entitled ‘Deadly Accidents Waiting To Happen’ is also available and was submitted to the EFRA Commons Select Committee, who reported there must be much more local know-how built into the process of analysing priorities.

They have also written to the Chief Executive of the EA for a response and were promised a full analysis of what was submitted to the Commons Select Committee.  A second meeting took place recently.  The group are not satisfied with the scrutiny process of the contracts and have asked the Chief Executive for a meeting to discuss what hasn’t been addressed.

The Vice Chairman thanked Tony for his talk.


The minutes recorded on 10 April and 3 July were agreed to be a true and accurate record.

10 April:  Proposed AH.  Seconded:  GW.  3 July:  Proposed SP.  Seconded GW.  Both sets of minutes were circulated and seen by attendees.

Mytholmroyd Co-op:  Application still pending but a decision is expected this month.  Petrol station will close towards the end of the month.

Russell Dean:  The contractor has been on site for nearly three months.  During the first month a specialist team were working inside the store securing the structure along the road and canal bank prior to demolition.  Following this first phase demolition of the existing store was carried out to plan and the team managed to salvage and recycle large amounts of stone and metal.

The piling rig arrived last week, and once this work has been completed people will start to see the emergence of a new store.

By the end of October they will have a clear idea of an opening date, and will provide a further update to Royd Regeneration in November.

White Lee Memorial Park – Cllr Anthony Hodgins:  He explained the park was bought by public subscription after the First World War as a war memorial and this needs to be commemorated in some way.  A committee has now been formed which is looking at methods of doing this.

A meeting has taken place with Andrew Pitts from Calderdale Council to discuss the various types of asset transfers which will be reviewed and a decision made.  The next public meeting will deal with this issue.  Clean up days take place on Saturday mornings.

Mytholmroyd Station Partnership Updates:  Geoff Mitchell gave an interesting presentation which will be circulated with the minutes.

CIO  – Ian Bairstow:  The Charity Commission have declined our application for charitable status, but we will be pursuing this and reviewing some of our documentation before we submit a further application.


Neighbourhood Plan/Masterplan:  Hebden Royd Town Council are currently working on this at the moment.  Main area of concern is looking at the draft Calderdale Local Plan which has just been published for consultation and looking at policies within it, ie allocations for housing, employment and also the sites that have been filtered out.  The overall policy of the Neighbourhood Plan is not to build on green belt land and to build on brownfield sites first.

One of the other main fears is of valley bottom abandonment.  There are many brownfield sites in this area which is of concern as these are in the EA’s flood risk Zone 3 and have not to be built on.  After various conversations with the EA an understanding has been reached that any designs put forward for those sites have the mitigation processes in place.  Looking at whether sites that have been filtered out should be put back in at some stage to allow growth.

It is hoped that a draft of the Neighbourhood Plan will be available by the end of this year/early next year when it will go out to consultation.

Masterplan:  One of the elements of the Neighbourhood Plan is a Masterplan for Mytholmroyd.  Various consultation activities have been summarised and there have been more than 50 pages of responses for Mytholmroyd.  There is a huge amount of work going on here at the moment with the EA, Co-op and Russell Dean’s which need to be tied in together.  Many different planning applications.  She added Mytholmroyd needs an overall vision and a focal point.  Also looking at access through the village.

They have applied to Locality for some technical support to help develop this Masterplan and have been granted the highest level of assistance with a company called AECON.  A site visit has been carried out and hopefully in the next week or so they will start feeding information back to HRTC. A consultation event will be held towards the end of this month/early October to look at initial ideas.

Emma can be contacted at Hebden Royd Town Council from Monday to Wednesday if anyone has any questions, or she can be contacted on 01422 842181.

Christmas Market/Lights Switch-On:  This will be taking place on Saturday 18 November at St Michael’s, Mytholmroyd.  Plenty of entertainment throughout the afternoon courtesy of the Peace Artistes and Hebden Bridge Brass Band, with a craft market, firework display and much more.

Christmas Tree for Shops:  Emma showed attendees a tree that is available for shopkeepers to buy outright costing £110.  These fit into a bracket and go on the front of the wall and look really effective on a row of shops.  The middle pole is made of steel and can withstand all weathers and has industrial grade lighting.  They have a lifespan of about five years.  Please contact Emma if you are interested.

JANE O’NEILL:  Concerns about the proposed industrial development at Top Lands (AOB Item):

Geoff Wood explained local resident Jane O’Neill had contacted Royd Regeneration about the Local Plan with concerns regarding the proposed industrial development at Top Lands.

Complexities arose due to the documents online not being consistent.  GW wrote to Calderdale Council and had an immediate response which has been sent to Jane.

He commented the issue may not be resolved entirely as the application for the inclusion of the site in the Local Plan missed the deadline, and there is a query as to why it was included if this is the case.

We will continue to assist Jane and the local plan officers if necessary, and if anything is applicable to residents we will convey this.


He reported we had been successful in receiving funding from Calderdale Council to put on a free outdoor cinema event and this is taking place on Saturday 16 September on White Lee Recreation Ground.  Hebden Radio will start the event at 6pm.  The film, La La Land, will start at 7.30pm.  It is hoped this event will bring the community together.  No alcohol please as this is not covered in our licence.


Their second anniversary business breakfast had taken place in the morning with the theme being Fighting Fit:  Promoting a Healthy Workforce, which everyone seemed to enjoy.  Three excellent speakers were present.

They welcomed speaker Karl Dalgliesh, town planner and economic development consultant, whose company have been commissioned by Mytholmroyd Community Association to assess the feasibility of redeveloping the centre with a new build or refurbishment.

There is a free event at the Community Centre on Friday 15 September hosted by Hebden Bridge & District Old People’s Welfare Committee.  This takes place from 5pm to 8pm and is called Memories of Mytholmroyd.

Date of next business breakfast to be confirmed.


Cllr Scott Patient was pleased to confirm that the gala has been saved and an event will be run next year either on 30 June or 1 July.  A committee has been formed and a second meeting has taken place where some good ideas were put forward.  A draft constitution is currently being drawn up.  He thanked Royd Regeneration and Hebden Royd Town Council for supporting next year’s event.  Will shortly be engaging with local groups and hopefully securing their involvement.  More information can be found on their Facebook page:  Friends of Mytholmroyd Gala 18.

Volunteers are always needed.


Cash in bank £7,064.94 which is all earmarked for various projects.

Petty Cash nil

Expenditure since July 2017 £1,870.90 as follows:  Calder High School leaflet production for Mama Mia which had to be cancelled; two invoices for £1,200 and £624 for equipment hire for this coming Saturday’s event; £526 to Calderdale for the licence and bond (a returnable £500 bond was required for using the field).

Received £4,500 from Calderdale for the outdoor cinema event with £2,103 remaining.  Expenses still to come out of this.

Business Group have monies remaining of £184.51 from UCVR.

Christmas Market balance from last year £103.43.  Very little profit made due to cost of replacing Christmas decorations lost in the floods.

Balance of £748.95 from Hebden Royd Town Council for websites, promotional materials and Business Breakfast group.

Final balance £2,700 out of which we have to pay room fees and insurance.  He explained grants are given for specific projects but we do not receive anything to run our organisation.

The Vice Chairman informed the meeting that the Festive Grant for the Christmas Market has been terminated by Calderdale Council this year so we are trying to secure financial support from elsewhere.  HS added she should have received a Festive Fund letter explaining that no money had been put aside but was never informed.

9 WARD UPDATES – Cllr Nicola May

IB explained Cllr Nicola May should have attended tonight’s meeting but has not responded to e-mails or turned up.

Date of next meeting:  Tuesday 28 November 2017.

Royd RegenerationRoyd Regeneration Minutes September 2017

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