Royd Regeneration Minutes July 2017


Meeting chaired by Ian Bairstow
Minutes recorded by Hazel Scriven

Attendees:  45.  Apologies:  9

Brief points from presentation:

Johnny Lyttle has left the Mytholmroyd project and is now working on another assignment within the EA.

The EA are acutely aware of traffic management issues and are looking to minimise disruption.

Demolition of single-storey buildings: Referring to comments received about the length of time taken to demolish the buildings, he explained this was in part due to work being carried out in a conservation area. Some of the materials need to be preserved and will be recycled. Heritage England have shown an interest, as have Calderdale and the EA. Health and safety also needed to be considered before demolition could commence, and work carried out inside the building first. This element of work was completed one week early.

Two-storey buildings: Work will recommence on 24 July to tie in with the school holidays. Although they have an eight-week closure they will try to complete this work in six weeks.

Have been working closely with Calderdale and their traffic department to minimise disruption. Yellow boxes have been installed at junctions along the main road due to vehicles coming out of side roads and blocking traffic. More yellow boxes are planned. It is hoped to have a local Police presence when the works recommence to try and enforce use of the yellow boxes. Staffed traffic management with spotters were in place previously to detect the volume of traffic in each direction and equalise the flow.

Russell Dean’s have set their compound up. Has been in close contact with Stoker’s to find out where they are up to in terms of design and tendering and now has contact details of their Project Manager. The EA will co-ordinate their activities with them.

Also been working closely with Mytholmroyd Co-op redevelopment in order to co-ordinate.

The EA were affected by Purdah (pre-election restrictions) just after Easter which restricted communication at a higher level. Wished to reassure people work carried on during this period and they visited affected householders on Caldene Avenue, Burnley Road and New Road. Purdah was only lifted two weeks ago.

Realises the community are seeking reassurance regarding progress made in Mytholmroyd, and went on to explain the differences between a conventional flood alleviation scheme and the large-scale Mytholmroyd project. Inter-dependent activities have had to run in tandem but good development has taken place in all of these areas. Currently working with Calderdale to finalise costs and identify additional sources of funding, and once this in place they will be able to inform the community.

Their goal is to provide Mytholmroyd with the best possible protection, and they are working hard to build the right scheme as quickly as possible and keep the community informed as it progresses. Once all the strands are finalised they will update us further.

The next stage is finalisation of the project elements, including submission of the planning applications. Recently submitted a document for comment (Preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment) and thanked Royd Regeneration for their contribution. The EA are aware of the sensitivities around design and have been working with the stakeholder group and landscape group on this. They have also taken on board contributions from the community.

They would like to submit the planning applications to get things moving and then take comments from the community. The next step is business case approval, which is an internal procedure, and then award of the design build works to a supplier so that most of the construction work can start.

Q&As followed – Main points:

Length of time the work is taking. Contractors’ working hours should be extended. Peter Toms commented this would affect cost but agreed to look into it.
Lack of communication needs addressing. The Chairman asked him to pursue this. Agreed.
Untidiness in the village. Railings are still in place from jobs that have been completed. This will be investigated.
Planning applications. These will be submitted in stages and will be displayed in the Flood Information Centre.
Concerns the new car park at Mytholmroyd Station may cause access problems to Burnley Road from New Road. When this is further ahead the EA will have discussions with those involved.

The Vice Chairman thanked Peter for attending the meeting.


The minutes of the previous meeting were circulated and will be proposed and seconded at our next meeting.

White Lee Memorial Park – Cllr Scott Patient:

Cllrs Hodgins and Patient have set up Friends of White Lee Memorial Park and a draft constitution has been drawn up. There are plans to tackle the effects of football, anti-social behaviour and litter. Hoping to gather as much support as possible. Volunteers needed. Funding will be applied for via Hebden Royd Town Council to erect a permanent memorial to commemorate the fact that the rec is a war memorial bought by public subscription.

CIO/Website/Logo – Ian Bairstow

CIO application submitted approximately seven weeks ago. Waiting to hear from the Charity Commission.

Looking at new ideas for a logo. Will hopefully be able to show members at the next meeting.

Our existing website – – is fit for purpose but requires updating, the new logo adding and more content. Michelle Campbell has offered to help with the updating.

Mytholmroyd Co-op:

Chris Beebe, Planning Manager for the Co-op Group, was unable to attend our meeting but sent through two artist’s impressions which were displayed on-screen and also submitted a written update as follows:

The application is progressing. Highways: No objection although they will need to work with the Council to agree delivery hours. Bats: Surveys complete, no bats on site. Opening hours: Want to keep same trading hours, ie 6am to 11pm. The site has no restrictions at the moment and the application mirrors this. Existing store: No decision made as to what will happen with the existing store once the new store opens. A competitive store would not be desirable. Has noted comments regarding fast food. Planning-wise fast food adjacent to a school is not something the Council are likely to want. A continued A1 use would seem the most logical use for the site but no formal decision has been made as yet.

Q&As and discussion followed. The Vice Chairman will write to Chris Beebe with members’ concerns.
Brearley Fields Update – Anne Holdsworth (Environmental Projects Officer CMBC):
Currently working on a set of proposals and funding packages with a number of organisations, including the EA and Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, with a view to creating a nature reserve and informal recreation facility for the village including excavation of lagoons, creation of permanent water bodies, reed beds, new habitat sites, wet woodland, wet meadow land and circular pedestrian walkways etc. Hoping to create an attractive educational and recreational facility.

A bid led by Canal and River Trust to the Heritage Lottery Fund was submitted about a month ago for this project and others across the Calder Valley. A joint European funding bid is also being submitted this week between the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and EA. Both bids are two-stage. Should know by September if the first stage has been successful. No plans to reinstate the playing pitch facilities at the moment. Input will be needed from the local community if the bids are successful and a sub group will be set up. Anne asked for people to come forward if they are interested in being involved with this project.
Q&As followed.


Brief points:

Delighted to have been elected at the annual council as council representative for Royd Regeneration.

Environment Agency Communication: Agreed communication from the EA has been dreadful. As the EA have their own PR Department, and the Upper Calder Valley Flood Group have met with them, she feels there is no excuse. She has liaised with Adrian Gill, our EA representative based in Leeds, for contractors’ plans to be displayed in the Flood Information Centre but this has been ignored. Stressed we should be told what is going on in our area.

Local Plan for Calderdale: Royd Regeneration have a small sub group looking at extra sites in our area that may be suitable for building more homes. Have to think about the pollution aspect as there are hotspots in Calderdale where the air quality is beyond acceptable limits. Also have to consider increased traffic. Agrees we need more houses but not at any cost.

Hopes everyone is happy with Royd Regeneration’s format of alternating committee meetings and public meetings. Suggested the Secretary can be contacted if further information is required about particular topics.

Commented on spin-off working groups including the Business Breakfast and Mytholmroyd Masterplan Working Group of which she is a member. GW has drawn up terms of reference. They will be walking round tomorrow to see what can be done to improve our area.

Hebden Bridge and Mytholmroyd Town Board has also been created this year and hopes everyone had the opportunity to put their names forward. They will be looking at major projects in our area.

At the Flood Board meeting on Friday at Halifax Town Hall they were told the majority of businesses are now up and running and most householders are back in their homes. The Government gave £9m towards this but it was calculated they could have done with £14m. Impressed by the speed in which council officers went out to people to ensure they received their resilience grants etc.

There was representation from Scout Road Junior School at the last Business Breakfast who seemed pleased with the ongoing works with regard to the landslip. This has so far cost £5m to put right. Asbestos has also been found at another site in Midgley which is being worked on.

Cragg Vale School is being relocated to Calder High and has created concern for the other junior schools and head teachers because of numbers.

Russell Dean’s: The hold ups are causing problems for businesses. No parking on Midgley Road for residents. Would have preferred a scheme that eliminated the buildings on the canal side due to it being a great asset for walkers. Commented it is a massive building in a conservation area but a business we wanted to keep in Mytholmroyd.

Smells from take-aways are an issue and she has received e-mails about this. Has requested enforcement look into it.

Congratulated White Ribbon who have cleaned and tidied up their shop frontage. Commented nicely presented shop fronts give a nice feel to the village and create a good impression.

A lady from the doctors’ group practice attended the business breakfast and spoke about a scheme she has started throughout the area. These sessions are to help with loneliness, health and wellbeing and all free. Please let Jill know of any spare rooms that may be available free of charge.

Q&As followed including:

The offer from local artists to paint a mural on Russell Dean’s but has been turned down; vehicles parking on both sides of Midgley Road which has made driving dangerous; hoardings not being properly secured on the canal side. No out of hours contact details. JS-M will follow these items up.
HS will contact the lady offering free well-being sessions and let members know.


Dave Moses, station manager, gave an interesting talk about the radio station which he set up about a year ago to cover the Calder Valley. Recently moved premises from Hebden Bridge to Dean Hey Business Park, Cragg Vale.

A team of 19 volunteers work for the station gathering as much local information as possible each day. Would be delighted to receive more local and traffic news for Hebden Bridge and Mytholmroyd, particularly in the morning. The station can be contacted on, 01422 847807 (office) or 07895894324 (mobile).

Heavily involved on social media and broadcast live videos whenever possible.

Broadcasting online and on mobile apps at present but as of 23 July they go live on 87.7FM. An open day event will be taking place at Dean Hey Business Park to celebrate this occasion which will be a family fun day with stalls, bouncy castle, live bands and hopefully a celebrity to open the event.

Guy Parry – Arts and Entertainment Reporter: Explained his interesting role at the station. Asked members to get in touch if they have any events they would like covering, similarly any concerns or issues they would like broadcasting. People are welcome to pop into the studio to be interviewed or he would be happy to visit people. He can be contacted on (07712218734).
Once they go live their broadcasts will cover the whole of Calderdale.

The Vice Chairman thanked them for attending.


HS: Confirmed the Christmas Market and Lights Switch-On will take place on Saturday 18 November in St Michael’s Church Hall, square and Memorial Gardens. Happy to be working with Emma Green again from Hebden Royd Town Council. Asked for volunteers to come forward and help with this event.


Cash in bank £8,935.84
Petty Cash nil
Expenditure since April 2017 £4,387.17 including: £3,965.17 (Get Trevor Mobile); Room Hire £20; Public Liability Insurance £317.44; Domain Name £84.56.
Holding £4,500 from Calderdale for our outdoor cinema event.
Once these monies leave our account our balance will be around £4,435.00. Much of this money is earmarked for projects.


The business team had sent apologies due to other commitments. Submitted an update which IB read out as follows:

“The last business breakfast was held on 6 June and was attended by around 40 people.

Our next event will be held at Mytholmroyd Community Centre over two days – Sunday 10th and Monday 11th September. The Business Group will be working in collaboration with Mytholmroyd Community Association to run events promoting health and specifically fit-to-work in the workplace and at home.

Further details will be publicised closer to the dates”.


Geoff Wood updated: One of the items covered at the last Town Board meeting was how to maximise car parking in Hebden Bridge. Looking at new possible sites.

A working group has been set up to retro-fit a masterplan to make Mytholmroyd work better. As many new developments are taking place we need to ensure these all co-ordinate ie access, walking routes, environmental considerations etc. He commented the heart has been ripped out of the village but is being put back together by others, not by us. Geoff and others will be going on a walkabout round the village tomorrow and the group will report back via the Town Board. He added Town Board meetings are open to the public and anyone is welcome to go along.


Royd Regeneration has secured funding from Calderdale to put on this free event which will be taking place on the playing fields at Calder High on Wednesday 19 July as part of their open day. The film Mamma Mia will be shown at 7pm, with the event commencing at 6pm. It is hoped this will help unite the village and help to cheer people up. Please come along and have some fun.



Submitted by Geoff Mitchell and read out by Geoff Wood:

Car Park: West Yorkshire Combined Authority plan to build a 203 space car park in 2018, subject to planning and financial considerations. GW commented we will have to consider within the masterplan the impact increased traffic will have on the village and valley bottom, as well as the opportunities for business with the increased car parking.

Station Building: Awaiting a decision from the Charity Commission with regard to becoming a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. Principal charitable objective will be the preservation of the listed station building. Meeting on 7 July with railway authorities to discuss future plans.
Consultants: Rose Regeneration have been commissioned to undertake a feasibility study and will be contacting local community groups and residents. Aim to present final proposals in late Autumn.

Proposed May 2018 Timetable: Geoff Mitchell sent thanks to all who had submitted comments for the proposed timetable. It will be the best ever train service with three trains per hour to Leeds and one per hour to Blackpool, Chester and Southport. He encouraged people to ‘use them or lose them!’


The Vice Chairman welcomed new centre manager John Chilvers.

The centre is now fully open with all rooms back in operation including the gym and squash court. New membership categories are being opened up including one for youth, and a fitness instructor is now in place who will ensure those who wish to train and keep fit are monitored. Specific youth classes are being planned which will be tailor-made. Looking at getting additional equipment in the sports hall aimed at a wide range of age groups. Indoor bowls is being planned in the Jubilee Room and the reintroduction of tea dances.

Trialling summer activities at the centre and a company will be coming in to show people archery, mountain biking, canoeing and high rope activities in the sports hall. Also looking at using the centre as a base to take people to Hardcastle Crags for climbing activities.

He concluded that people are welcome to visit him at the centre if there is anything specific they would like to see take place, or contact them on their Facebook page.

HS queried when the youth club would be back up and running as it has not reopened since the floods. JC explained this part of the building cannot be utilised at the moment due to flood damage. IB asked if there are any other spaces at the centre that could be used. Jon will look into this and liaise with Abigail Webb, Youth Leader (CMBC).

GW: The medium-term ambition is to rebuild a new flood resilient, state of the art community centre towards the front of the site. Consultants have been interviewed and appointed, with funding provided by Calderdale, to tell us what scale of facilities we can achieve with the funding we have.



Annie Harrison – Arts Festival: A project called Landlines and Watermarks, which is being run by Calderdale Commission, will be taking place across the valley and they will be co-ordinating their activities with those commissioned through this project. On the 14 and 15 October they will be hosting the Commission with many activities running alongside. The arts exhibition will again be held in St Michael’s. They would be grateful for any volunteers to help with the festival.

She hopes Royd Regeneration will support them again with a donation as in previous years.

Mytholmroyd Gala – Barnaby Neale: Disappointed to learn that 2017 was the last year Mytholmroyd Gala would be taking place and would like to see it regenerated.

Cllr Tony Hodgins: Felt Royd Regeneration and HRTC should get together to put on the gala, and has already approached Emma Green from HRTC who agreed to help. It was subsequently passed at the recent Environmental, Allotments and Events Committee meeting. Needs to be ratified by full council on Wednesday.

Asked Royd Regeneration members to come forward and form a gala sub-committee to work on this and names were gathered at the meeting. GW suggested Hebden Bridge Rotary may like to get involved. EG: Has spoken to George Sumner regarding assets the previous gala will be disposing of and she is looking at how the Town Council might be able to apply these.

Great Exhibition of the North – Geoff Wood: They have created an open application for creative proposals. Royd Regeneration have put in a clandestine bid to tell the story of Mytholmroyd and Hebden Bridge and how the community dealt with the flood and recovery. Will know by September if our bid has been successful and will have until July next year to prepare. The community will be involved and asked to tell their stories. It will also incorporate existing film footage.

There is a possibility of some Tourism Infrastructure Funding potentially available. Putting together some ideas for Mytholmroyd and Hebden Bridge such as a Ted Hughes’ trail.

Fr Gott – Good Shepherd Church: This month will see the completion of works at the church since the floods. The organ has now been restored, acoustic flooring added and hopefully organ recitals will recommence.

Date of next meeting: Monday 11 September 2017  Good Shepherd Church 7:30pm.

Royd RegenerationRoyd Regeneration Minutes July 2017

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