Royd Regeneration Minutes March 2018




Main points from Mark’s presentation:

The full business case has been approved and main contracts now awarded to VBA.  This has not prevented the continuation of ongoing works at Cragg Brook which will hopefully be completed by the end of June.  Recovery works at Calder Grove continue.

A lot of work has taken place on the planning detailed design, some of which related to the previous traffic management.  It also involved identifying where services are in the road, so that when construction of the water management system begins they are aware where these are.  It is hoped this will expedite the works quicker.

Continuing to work on the final detail of the requirements for properties along the riverside which effectively form part of the flood defence.   Those affected are aware and they will be updated shortly.

Working on finalising the design of the new Caldene bridge structure and retaining walls either side.  Also working on the detail of the large retaining structure that will be required in front of the church to keep it stable when the river is widened.

Lengthy negotiations are continuing with various service providers.  Numerous services cross the existing Caldene bridge that need to be relocated ahead of it being demolished, to ensure services are maintained throughout this period.

Continuing with planning applications.  Currently two of the main works are outstanding but are expected to be concluded in the next couple of weeks.

Tree clearance has been completed across the whole of the scheme in readiness for construction.

Construction of the compound at Redacre field is underway with various land surveys having taken place.  Requests have gone in for service connections.  Top soil strip is ongoing.  Completion by the end of May.  Educational and visitor facilities will be put in place.   Drop-in sessions will continue centrally in the village for those unable to get to the compound.

Surface water works will be starting on Burnley Road in the next month or so commencing from Midgley Road towards Sainsbury’s.  Exact date to be determined with Highways.  Traffic management plan has to be approved.  Also has to co-ordinate with other works taking place in the valley.  Currently works are ongoing in Hebden Bridge, and the EA have to wait until those have been completed to minimise disruption.

Commencing service diversions at Caldene bridge.

Investigation works ongoing at White Lee.

The recent Construction Open Day was a big success with nearly 300 people attending, and another event is being planned for September/October.  Mark thanked everyone who went along.


People were asked how they would like to be kept informed about the scheme and the overwhelming response was via direct bulletins and Facebook.  The EA’s partners will post on Facebook and he thanked Royd Regeneration for circulating information on their behalf.   Copies of leaflets were available at the meeting.  Bulletins will become more frequent as activity increases.

Press releases are also issued outside the village to make people aware, and these have included traffic management and tree clearance.  Lessons have been learned from the last traffic management, and they are working closely with their partners at Calderdale to think about how this can be delivered more efficiently.

A traffic management FAQs sheet has been produced and copies were available at the meeting.  They can also be obtained by emailing and further information can be accessed by visiting

The stakeholder group has been reinvigorated with a view to maintaining momentum.  This will be in the form of a monthly focus group which can help disseminate information from the community, and from the project back into the community.

Q&As followed and two points were noted:

1)  The EA have been running a trial with Yorkshire Water to free up capacity in the reservoirs above Hebden Bridge.  This commenced mid-December and will cease on 31 March.  Reservoir levels are currently low and below the level the EA wanted them to be maintained at.  Now working with YW to explore a further trial.  YW are also planning extensive capital works this summer which will mean the reservoirs are drawn down.   This is the first pilot of its type in Yorkshire.

2)  Nothing to report on Vale.  The aspiration is still to widen here, subject to funding, but the work is complex and expensive and the EA are not in a position to progress with this.  A contract has been awarded for a 50-year scheme which will leave Vale in situ with walls through that section.

The Chairman thanked Mark for his presentation.


The full presentation will be circulated with the minutes.

Main points:  Slow The Flow is a voluntary organisation.  They have been working on a pilot project at Hardcastle Crags for the last 18 months and have installed approximately 120 interventions.  A lot of time and effort has gone into looking at how these work during different flood events.  Time lapse cameras have been installed and their website shows how they operate.  A picture is starting to build which is not clear cut as yet.

A wider catchment programme is beginning to gain traction and funding has been allocated through the EA and DEFRA which Calderdale administers.  Two new projects include an attenuation pond at Cragg Business Park, and tree planting by Treesponsibility which will be taking place over the next few weekends.                     Volunteers welcome.

Calderdale have appointed a natural flood management officer, and she is putting together a number of proposals.  Slow The Flow are lending their support.

Their AGM takes place on 12 April at Hebden Bridge Town Hall, and will include a film previously shown at the picture house called ‘High Water Common Ground’ which was produced by a local film maker.

Q&As followed.

The Chairman thanked Robin and the volunteers for the excellent work they are carrying out.



Update on Hebden Royd and Hilltop Parishes Neighbourhood Plan and Mytholmroyd Masterplan element:

A community consultation event took place last October at St Michael’s attended by approximately 50 people.  This has helped inform AECOM, urban designers and community planners based in Manchester, to put on paper what people asked them to do in terms of developing key sites in the village and create a sense of place, bearing in mind what the EA are doing in terms of flood defence.

A two-hour workshop with local councillors took place recently at St Michael’s, when lots of creative insights and ideas were generated.

The Neighbourhood Plan and Mytholmroyd Masterplan have to relate very closely with the emerging Local Plan from Calderdale, and this will be available to the Cabinet in mid-June.  The Neighbourhood Plan steering group will have a draft plan ready to go – they will then see what the next version of the Local Plan looks like, marry the two together/cross-reference, and a six-week consultation process will begin with everyone in the Neighbourhood Plan area and all key stakeholders.  It will then be tweaked, and many hoops will need to be jumped through to get it approved.

It is intended to hold a referendum with the communities in mid-December when they will be asked if they  wish to adopt the ten-year plan or not, and they will be able to see in detail the Mytholmroyd Masterplan element.

Local councillors have seen some of the plan and commented on it which has been very helpful.

Q&As followed.  It was noted that a grant has been received from Locality to pay for this.

The Chairman asked one of the HRTC councillors for their perspective on how this is progressing.  Cllr Boggis commented that so much work has gone into this with more to follow and added the document is quite  amazing.


Main points from presentation which will be circulated with the minutes:

Calderdale have submitted a bid for European funding for this project.  Pennine Prospects were commissioned to carry out consultation alongside Calderdale Council, and Pennine Prospects commissioned Wetland Engineering to do the detailed design.

Looking to create a wetland reserve and work with nature, with the potential to create an outdoor classroom.  There will also be sports provision.

Over 100 people filled out the questionnaire at the Christmas Market in Mytholmroyd last year.  Including the online questionnaire there were 250 responses.  Detailed comments were also taken from organisations such as the EA which were fed into the design.

A meeting took place last December with Hebden Bridge Saints to see how their aspirations could be accommodated, and site investigations took place to see if this was feasible.

Since the bid was submitted in January a detailed flood risk assessment is being undertaken which is required by planning.

Young people at Calder High School have been consulted.  Some local residents will be having a walk round the site this spring.

Q&As followed and the Chairman wished them all the best for the future.



a) Notice of Any Other Business:  The Chairman reminded everyone that items for AOB must be with the Secretary 48 hours before our meetings.

b) Mytholmroyd Co-op (received from Chris Beebe, Planning Manager)We are cracking on with the works now and all being well we will open the new store in early autumn.   Not a massive change from last time but I think the good news is we are pressing on and the community will be able to see progress on-site.”


c) Russell Dean’s (received from Jonathan Stoker, Joint Managing Director):  “When we last gave an update all was progressing to plan.  Unfortunately the contractor has been hit by a series of unusual weather patterns, which started in early December with freezing conditions and then high winds.  This delayed the roof being completed and resulted in a series of knock-on delays to casting the floor slabs prior to Christmas.  Once the planned sequence was lost the various trades became frustrated that they were unable to start their works as planned and further time was lost.  The ‘Beast from the East’ resulted in a further lost week and the snow last week has not helped. Currently the final widows are being fitted, walls plastered and electrical fit-out is underway.  Decorating will start in about three weeks’ time.  We plan to open the doors to the public mid-May.”

d) Felling and Replanting of Trees – Geoff Wood:  The recent tree felling by the EA and Network Rail has changed the character, feel and sense of place of the village.  The stakeholder group have suggested working with people from individual streets and neighbourhoods to decide what trees they want back, ie size and species.  He suggested some people may also like to be involved with the planting process.  A very positive response has been received from the EA who will be replacing two trees for each one lost.  If individual streets would like to get together please contact the Secretary, otherwise the village will be divided up and door-to-door visits made.

Q&As followed.

The Chairman added it was clear this needs a lot of planning and consideration and for people to get involved.  This will become a key initiative for Royd Regeneration.

e) Bus Stops – Geoff Wood:  The toilets in the village are being removed in order for the flood defences to be built and a replacement bus stop will be installed.  A preliminary design was shown which has a much larger canopy to give better weather protection and an open view back to the river.  It will also give more comfortable seating.  Need to get costings and also test the design in engineering terms to make sure it is feasible.

The design will be circulated with the minutes.

Q&As followed.


Stephen gave a brief history and overview of the role of UCVR which was originally set up by Yorkshire Forward to carry out regeneration of the valley.   It ceased being a company when Yorkshire Forward folded but carried on as a community group.

At the end of 2015 the company was reformed, and after the floods they made the decision to support businesses and have since been working with business networks to help them grow.

A new project – Incredible Festival of Ideas – will be running from the 21st-24th June and will take place from Todmorden to the Piece Hall in Halifax.  It is a coming together of various community groups putting on events around the Hebden Bridge Arts Festival and Handmade Parade, with a huge food event at the Piece Hall.


It has been initiated by Incredible Edible and the London-based architects/placemakers John Thompson,  who were the original facilitators of the valley renaissance project which brought about UCVR and town teams such as Royd Regeneration and Todmorden Pride.

A resilience conference will be held at the Enterprise Centre in Mytholmroyd on 21/22 June.  The event will be a combination of bringing together local flood affected businesses across the valley, and also highlight Mytholmroyd to a wider audience as a place showing continued resilience in every sense of the word.

More information can be found on Incredible Edible’s Facebook page and on UCVR’s website –

8 CORRESPONDENCE – CANAL & RIVER TRUST:  Towpath Resurfacing Works

The project starts on site after the Easter break and is due for completion at the end of September.  Commencing at Sowerby Bridge it will run systematically towards Hebden Bridge, the end point being Stubbins Wharf.  The intermediate points phase start dates are not yet fixed.

The project is a complete resurface of the towpath from canal to boundary wall as follows:

1  Section before Luddendenfoot is made up of one section 1-2 km or so to Tenterfields

2  The section to Luddendenfoot has been resurfaced in the last two-three years and will not be redone.

3  Station Road bridge at Luddendenfoot to Brearley/Moderna, and from there to Pismire Bridge (where the main Halifax road crosses).

4  Redacre to Fallingroyd tunnel and then on to Hebden Bridge.

It is unlikely that the Luddendenfoot section will commence until mid-May onwards.

As the first section advances the project team will reassess progress and possible future phase start dates, which will then be published.  The project has to be completed by September, so the team may do more than one section at a time in parallel.  The dates for each section will be published when known and posted at relevant points along the canal.  These will also be released as Canal & River Trust official stoppage public notices.

As a public right of way Calderdale Council are legally obliged to publish closure notices which will hopefully alert people to future dates.

After all this time it will be good to get a good quality towpath for better community use and enjoyment.


Cllr Tony Hodgins (Treasurer):  Calderdale Council have sent us an unexpected invoice for the Christmas Market stalls totalling £450.  We will ask them to reconsider.

The Secretary added this will wipe out any profit made and leave us in debit.  She will write to John Walker in Markets explaining this.  Cllr Jane Scullion said she was hopeful something could be sorted out.

The Gala Festival Committee have been awarded £4,000 from Hebden Royd Town Council.

AW:  The White Lee Rec bid has been successful, and he asked that Stephne Harrison gives a comprehensive update at our next meeting in May.


The next Business Networking Event will take place on Tuesday 17 April at Mytholmroyd Community Centre (8am).  Everyone welcome.

AW:  A consultation and review of 15 libraries has commenced and Mytholmroyd is included in this.  Our library requires £50,000 worth of renovations.  A representative was asked to attend our meeting but to no avail.

However two meetings will be taking place:  Calder Ward Forum on 17 April (6.45pm) at Hope Baptist Church, Hebden Bridge.  Luddendenfoot Ward Forum on 19 April (6.45pm) in the Erringden Room, St Michael’s Church Hall, Mytholmroyd.

Further details can be found on Calderdale Council’s website.

The Chairman asked everyone to get involved.

  • Date of next meeting:  Monday 21 May 2018  Good Shepherd  Mytholmroyd
Royd RegenerationRoyd Regeneration Minutes March 2018

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