Update on Scout Road

“We have now started the work on the permanent stabilisation of the hillside and therefore are aiming to provide more regular updates to keep everyone well informed.

Drainage works:

Phase 1: Playing fields at the bottom of Scout Road

There has been good progress on phase one which started a few weeks ago and is expected to be completed by early August.

Phase 2: Drainage behind Scout Close

There has been a slight delay starting these works due to some final tweaks to the design. However work has now started and we expect it to be completed by the end of August.

Phase 3: This is the main drainage works at the top of the hillside where we plan to capture significant volumes of surface water at source and propose to outfall into Cragg Brook

We are close to completing a detailed preliminary design and are still in close collaboration with the Environment Agency to make sure the drainage works for everyone. At the same time we are having ongoing negotiations with relevant land owners to obtain consent for the works. Once the detailed drawings have been completed we will be able to put final plans to landowners, put any necessary agreements in place and then start the works.

Stabilisation Works:

Work has now started by Hall Construction Services Ltd on the stabilisation of the hillside. The first weeks have been a busy time as the contractors have settled in and established the site. So far they have completed some minor vegetation clearance, background surveys on noise and vibration, installed a silo for the cement required for the stabilisation and have removed the necessary sections of catch fence across the landslipped area. The cement injection to stabilise the hillside has now commenced.”

Please contact Jamie.rossi-stephenson@calderdale.gov.uk (01422 392303) if you have any queries.

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