The Boggart Trail

Can you spot the boggarts? Join the trail and spot the gargoyle-style sculptures dotted around the village.

The Yorkshire Boggart Festival Mytholmroyd

This event is growing, and more and more Boggarts are appearing daily. You can see Boggarts all year round. Wander the streets, shops and houses in Mytholmroyd and you might just see a small green creature. This is a Boggart!

green boggart barmaid boggart











Until quite recently, Boggart hunting was quite common in the Calder Valley. Indeed it was the custom on certain religious holidays for the young people of the towns and villages to dust off their family’s balloons and take flight. They’d drop heavy nets onto the poor unsuspecting creatures as they slept at the foot of holly bushes on the valley sides. Nowadays this practice has ceased mainly due to the high cost of the nettle string nets which were only produced for that very purpose. At one point it was said that there were as few as but a couple of dozen Boggarts left in the whole of the north of England. Thankfully we are now able to see Boggarts usually sat on a shop or house window bottom, or on house walls. Remember they are a protected species in Mytholmroyd.

There are still a great many place names in Yorkshire and Lancashire that refer to these creatures, Boggart Brig in Ogden near Halifax, Boggart Hole Clough in Lancashire, and a large number of Boggart lanes, roads, and streets. Boggarts are a kind of Sprite or Imp, sometimes known as a brownie. They tend to live around people or moreover share their homes, usually in the dark places. How often have you heard about the Bogeyman in the cellar?  Having a Boggart in your home is sometimes no bad a thing, as they can be helpful. However, the naming or rewarding of such creatures is regarded usually by them as a great insult, and can cause great upset and mayhem to ensue. Boggarts are sometimes to blame for milk souring, or for horses, cattle or even family pets to become lame or to run away. Signs that you have a Boggart infestation in your house are if pens, or keys go missing then this is often a Boggart hiding things, this is known as a Boggart hoard. You might also discover small black balls or discs found about the house. These usually smell and taste of liquorish, this is Boggart poo!



Bogley Wiggins King of the hill?bogley

Bogley is famous for his long side burns, now copied by many other cyclists.

Bogley returns to Mytholmroyd to race his favourite hill section up the notorious Cragg road, which is famous as England’s longest continuous gradient, some five and a half miles of hill!

Though Bogley has never actually made it to the top as yet, he is rumoured to have achieved the fastest time back down the hill!










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